jlib preview – PyQt4 library for XMPP

I’ve been recently working on a library called jlib that providing PyQt4 objects and widgets that can be integrated to a PyQt4 application. In other words jlib is not a new Jabber client but a toolbox to enjoy the benefit of XMPP. The XMPP work is performed by headstock, jlib only glues headstock to PyQt4 through the use of signals/slots.
jlib is not ready yet but here is a preview of a few widgets I’ve already started working on. Ultimately my main interests is in creating a decent toolbox of widgets centered towards XMPP PubSub.

CherryPy 3.1 has been released

Yesterday Robert Brewer released version 3.1 of the CherryPy product and I think this calls for a hurray! For those who’ve been using 3.0 they’ll be happy to know that the upgrade will be rather smooth and straightforward. The main API changes have taken place on the engine thanks to the new process bus but the rest of the API is pretty much identical. Overall the fantastic work Robert and many contributors have done was to fix remaining and new bugs making this release the most stable and high-performance of the CherryPy releases. Get it while it’s hot.