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They made me do it…

I had to. More seriously though since the work I’m doing with XMPP and AtomPub these days, I thought it be a nice idea to try and plug into Twitter somehow. I guess I won’t be using Twitter much for anything else than testing. We’ll see.

XMPP, AtomPub and microblogging

Following my previous posts about my work on mixing AtomPub and XMPP together in a single application I’ve worked yesterday on the basic workflow of the application I write. The first use case is to create a profile using OpenID. When landing on the application main page the user can enter his (or her) OpenID […]

Facebook goes XMPP

Via Peter Saint-André we learn that facebook is adding XMPP as a mean to connect and use its services. Independently from what usage is made of Facebook this is a great news for the Jabber community in general and the protocol itself as it demonstrates that, unlike some nay-sayers used to claim in the past, […]

headstock: XMPP library based on Kamaelia

I’m pleased to announce the release of the first version of headstock, my XMPP implementation using the Kamaelia library. My main motivation behind working on that project rather than using one of the existing libraries was that I wanted to find a challenging project to work with Kamaelia. XMPP seemed challenging enough. This first release […]

Redmine vs Trac

Following my last post in regards to a move from subversion to mercurial I received many interesting comments. One key aspect that those comments showed was that no matter which DCVS I would use it would be critical to me that it could be interfaced with Trac since that’s the tool I’m using to manage […]

From subversion to mercurial

I’ve been wondering lately whether or not I should be moving my different projects from subversion to mercurial. Not so much because subversion could have let me down in any ways, I’ve been very happy with it, but rather because I wonder if it would help users of said projects to experiment and become occasional […]