Maintenance and time zone

I have recently subscribed to the excellent Good Reads network and today I went to it only to see a message saying:

The system is down for maintenance as of 00:51 PDT.
It’ll be back shortly.

That’s okay, I mean it’s not such an essential website in my life that I have to get connected to it. I’ll visit it back. That being said I realised that if you plan on creating the next social network that everyone speaks about [1], make sure that you do your maintenance on a per-time zone basis. It’s cool to wait night in the USA to be the as little disruptive as you can but the rest of the World might not appreciate being put off in such fashion.

Of course scheduling maintenance based on a time zone means your infrastructure is designed to support it. Well, you said you wanted to be the next D.
[1] I don’t believe that’s something Good Reads is after mind you.