Release day: bridge, headstock and jlib

I’ve decided to make an official release of a few of my currently most active projects so that it’ll be easier for anyone to try out. So today I’ve released:

  • bridge 0.3.6: Simple library for handling XML. This one is just a fix release and won’t break any of your application if you were using it.
  • headstock 0.2.0: XMPP library using Kamaelia and bridge. My main focus on this release was the support of PubSub.
  • jlib 0.1.0: Python library of PyQt4 widgets to add XMPP to your applications. This one is rather new and still pretty limited but it’s already fun to use.

There you go, neither headstock nor jlib are considered to be production ready but are stable enough in terms of design and implementation so that you may already start playing with them. I hope you’ll have fun.