amplee 0.6.0 released

As per today’s announcement. I’m glad to release amplee 0.6.0.
This release is an important move from previous releases as it doesn’t include support for any HTTP layer out of the box anymore. The reason is that it made the previous API needlessly complex and stopped people to actually use amplee for what it aims at being: one simple representation of the AtomPub protocol server side. Basically I wish amplee was used as a library rather than as a host for AtomPub applications.

The 0.6.x branch will focus therefore on polishing the AtomPub model API as well as the related sub-packages such as the index and graph extension. Moreover I would like to improve the performance of amplee although they have already improved since 0.5.x. The graph sub-package is a first stab at using graph theory via the igraph package to perform foxy manipulations of Atom feeds.

One major change since 0.5.x is the move from bridge to Amara to parse, query and generate XML documents within amplee. I think that change was for the best considering the capabilities of Amara.

Another change is that I’ve dropped the INI file format for configuration and loading an amplee structure. Instead you can now directly use the XML service document itself and complete using a bit of extra code. That allows for some funny capabilities such as mirroring existing AtomPub service document (see the example directory for instance).
I would like to thank Eric Larson and Mohanaraj Gopala Krishnan for their feedback and patience. They have provided the project with a tremendous help.