IronPython, OpenGL, GLFW and SDL

Triggered by a question posted on the IronPython mailing-list by Jane Janet, I decided to see how IronPython would deal with OpenGL.
I quickly realized that the Tao framework was my best bet to gain access to OpenGL with .NET.
I therefore played a bit with the provided examples (ported from excellent tutorials such as NeHe) and started to port them to IronPython. I chose to use GLFW in order to get a context to run an OpenGL example rather than FreeGlut as I prefer the API design of GLFW.
I finally ported/wrote three examples on the IronPython cookbook as invited by Michael J. Foord.
The GLFW+OpenGL examples were easy to port and run.
However the SDL example has been quite a pain to setup. I think it comes down to the fact that Tao exposes the SDL API has an unmanaged code which means you have some conversion to do between IntPtr objects and SDL structures. Moreover I kept running into the SystemError: Missing or incorrect header for method GetValue exception when accessing structure attributes and that drove me nuts. Finally I settled for the horrible evt_type = Sdl.SDL_Event.type._get_(evt)</em> call that basically says:<em> in that structure, I want to grab the value of that field for the provided instance. Ugly I say.

Anyway I hope those few examples will help using IronPython in multimedia context without having to resort to Direct X.