Beyond superfeedr awesomeness

superfeedr is one of those great web services that has bridged what interests you on the web with your lazyness to go and check it for yourself. That’s right! More seriously, you don’t have to be lazy to be quickly overwhelmed by the huge quantity of information available to you and superfeedr offers you a fantastic service by delivering information at your door step.

But as it stands, superfeedr is just the tip of the iceberg. It could do much more for you.

Resource sharing

It would be probably be interesting if you could easily share with others (contacts, aggregators, social networks, etc.) links that you find interesting. This means you would become a source of information too. In other words, it’s as if you were generating a feed of links which others could subscribe too through superfeedr. But aside from the form itself, the possibility to automatically (re)publish interesting links is probably useful.

Recommendation support

Considering the sheer amount of feeds parsed by superfeedr and the fact they know the set of feeds you are interested in, it would be quite useful to add a recommendation mechanism in place. It means analysing feeds metadata but also giving weight to feeds based on the number of subscribers they have in the system or how long they retain subscribers. Similarly it would be relevant to publishers to get metrics to monitor how people consume their resources.

A dedicated client

XMPP clients suck. They all do when you want to go beyond pure instant messaging. PubSub is just barely supported and when it is, it’s just not user friendly. Therefore, following what the guys at seesmic have done, if you want your users to enjoy your service, you need a dedicated client. They care naught for your protocol. They want information displayed in the fashion du jour. These days, you gotta look like Twitter. Maybe Process One OneChannel could be a lead.

Integrate with Wave

That one is probably just for the fun of it but Wave is quite fancy-able these days and being able to be notified via a Wave could be a very cool.

Have a mobile presence

Mobiles will be where the market is in the next coming years. New generation mobile phones can support really well HTTP and even XMPP as BuddyMob has shown for quite some time with Android. Being able to broadcast to mobile phones is a must.

Are those overall changes critical to superfeedr? It’s hard to tell. Creeping featurism is never a good idea and finding the right balance between what would make the service richer without making it obscure and without focus is always difficult. In any case, it’s a very handy service that deserves more attention. Happy feeding.

One thought on “Beyond superfeedr awesomeness”

  1. hey, it’s a ton of great ideas, for sure. However, I kind of disagree with you when you say it’s superfeedr’s job to implemet job. Our approach is just to provide the pipes… you build the coolness on top of it.

    This is the great stuff with XMPP PubSub our pubSubHubbub : they’re just design patterns in a way and they can applu to all the stuff above, as long as you build the feeds and the logic on top!

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