Geolocalization and microblogging

I’ve been working recently with Adrian Hornsby who’s been interested in using the microblogging example I had setup to demonstrate headstock, amplee and some ideas about microblogging in general. Today Adrian asked me how to add some gelocalization information to a message flowing through the system. It took me just a couple of hours to implement it so that now you can push a message like: GEO text [lat,long] through your IM client. This will tell the demo to add a georss:point element to the generate atom entry which will eventually lead to a Google map to be displayed in the web page mapping the atom entry.

3 thoughts on “Geolocalization and microblogging”

  1. We’re working on this at Notifixious as well : our goal is to be able to offer geolocalisation filtering to our users. Interested in what the the Washington Post, but only about what is local! (in a 100 mile radius e.g)…

  2. This is a god news Julien. Definitely a requirement. Be careful of any patent related to geolocalisation services however.

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