Sylvain_Hellegouarch_AvatarMy name is Sylvain Hellegouarch and I’m a 38 year-old French guy currently living in Rennes, France. This blog is my personal notes on various topics though mostly related to technology like social networking protocols. I am a Senior Software and System engineer at Atomist.

I hang out mainly on IRC channels on OFTC where¬†you can find me under the nickname of Lawouach. I’ve written a book on CherryPy but don’t let that fool you, it’s not a cookbook about delicious pies. Aside from that I’ve been playing the guitar for too long to remember and I don’t tire of it. I write open source software and I’m involved in the opening up our public data.

If you like what I contribute to, by all means send me a postcard, buy me a book or some beers and I’ll be more than happy.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your stay.